Erika Hayes James

Crisis Leadership

Erika James is an expert on crisis leadership, a critical issue facing today’s corporate, educational, and political environments. Her work in crisis leadership explores the competencies necessary to lead organizations throughout the life cycle of a business crisis:

  • Before: Determine organization’s level of risk for a crisis, and develop a plan to mitigate your chances of having a crisis happen
  • During: Publicly address the crisis across domestic borders and into every country where your product has a presence
  • After: Find the opportunities that have been created, and plan how to prevent future instances

Erika contributes to books, authors academic papers and articles, and publishes numerous case studies on crisis leadership, including the notable media case, After the Oil Spills: Deepwater Horizon. She has also spoken on the topic at numerous professional and academic conferences.

Media Case Study: After the Oil Spill
The European Financial Review
“Crisis Leadership and Why It Matters”

Erika is also the former president and owner of The Institute for Crisis Management. ICM provides leaders of organizations with competencies necessary to prevent, plan, communicate, recover, and find opportunity in any crisis situation.