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  • Dean James joins Graduate Management Admission Council as new board member

    The Graduate Management Admission Council, a non-profit association of leading global business schools, has named Erika James, John H. Harland dean of Goizueta Business School to its board.

    Bill Boulding, dean of Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, will chair the board, and Peter Johnson, assistant dean, full-time MBA Program and admissions, Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley will also be joining the board. The term for the board chairperson is two years, four years for board members. The terms for the new board directors begin on July 1, 2018; the chair position also takes effect as of July 1.

    Erika James became the John H. Harland dean of Goizueta Business School at Emory University in July 2014. A published researcher and award-winning educator with a passion for consulting and speaking, she places an emphasis on what higher education can do to be of service to industry. James is committed to advancing GMAC’s mission with a keen interest in providing solutions for schools and candidates to discover and evaluate one another. James believes the success of a student’s business education experience depends heavily on finding the right school for them and looks forward to working on the board to further this work. Under James’ leadership, Goizueta remains one of the top business schools in the nation with an upward trajectory in student career success and faculty thought leadership. As an educator, James has been instrumental in starting various Executive Education programs, including the Women’s Leadership program at Darden Graduate School of Business. James is committed to establishing an equal playing field across gender and race and, in 2014, was honored by the National Diversity Council.

    “I’m thrilled to join the GMAC board of directors,” James said. “Business, as a field and idea, can do so much more to advance society. GMAC is in the perfect position to influence the future of business education for good and I’m eager to have a role in shaping policy and public opinion with so many great leaders.”

  • Trailblazers advocate women’s empowerment at Saris to Suits anniversary gala

    The historic Wimbish House, affectionately known as the “Old Lady of Peachtree”, where fair ladies of Atlanta women’s clubs traditionally gathered in ornate Victorian bonnets, ribbons, flowers, feathers and jewels was shimmering with women sizzling in silk saris and tailored suits, along with men who serve as their ambassadors, on the evening of May 31, 2018. The saris and suits gathered together to celebrate the 6th year anniversary of the charity ‘Saris To Suits’. The charity was founded by in 2012 in Sarasota, Florida by Pratibha (Patti) Tripathi, who holds the distinction of being the first female reporter/anchor of Indian origin for the CNN News Group and reporter for CBS-Atlanta news. She is also the founder of TriPath Media.

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  • Goizueta’s evolving global strategy

    Proper exposure to international business requires multiple lenses. Yet one resource sometimes overlooked is the international elements across the university. Goizueta’s Dean Erika James, with an eye toward collaboration, has challenged the school to create more opportunities to prepare for international immersion and partner across campus.

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  • kick starts march to 100 anniversary

    To the Goizueta Business School community — and beyond:

    Business, done right can be a catalyst for so much good. So, as we celebrate 100 years of business education at Emory University, I thought it important to honor the spirit of change that pushes us forward by recognizing some of the many people who make Goizueta great. On, you will find 100 profiles of faculty, staff, students and alumni representing 100 years of excellence.

    They are our inspiration, and inspiration creates meaningful, lasting impact to society.

    It is not the great idea alone. No, it takes something else. It takes something more. It takes a true devotion to “go beyond” the status quo.


    Because while the discovery of the light bulb held the power to change the world, business put it into homes. While new startups increase jobs, spur innovation and drive production, business provides the loan for growth. And as the healthcare industry continues to treat patients, business can help improve efficiency.

    On this site, you will also find a series of business principles designed to foster integrity and pay homage to our namesake, Roberto C. Goizueta, the long-time CEO of The Coca-Cola Company.

    We are a small but mighty institution of learning, fully equipped with the talent to influence the world. But we didn’t get here by luck or longevity alone. Countless men and women have gone beyond in their lives and jobs, each contributing something to society. Some of those contributions started in our classrooms. Others are an example of the determination and grit of previous generations that will surely contribute to future success.

    #GoizuetaBeyond is more than a hashtag.

    For a century Goizueta Business School has espoused the power of principled leadership — living out our ethos of ethics and commitment to lifelong learning. This is our call to business to strive harder for the next out-of-the-box, table-turning solution.

    We want to remind everyone the world is at its best when the goals of business and humanity intersect.

    I invite you to Go Beyond with us.


    Erika H. James
    John H. Harland Dean Goizueta Business School

  • #GoizuetaENGAGE conference focuses on gender equality, advancement in workplace

    More than 250 women and men came together to hear from key stakeholders, network with fellow business leaders, and learn from faculty and alumni panels about women’s equality during Goizueta Business School’s second annual #GoizuetaENGAGE conference.

    Although abbreviated due to Atlanta’s winter weather event, the day did not disappoint as both men and women engaged to learn more about women’s equality and advancement in the business environment.

    Erika James, John H. Harland Dean of Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, opened the conference stating there is no better time than right now to discuss women’s equality in the workplace.

    “When we gathered a year ago, we had one goal: to start a conversation on gender equality in industry and business education,” James said. “There’s no better time to continue that conversation than now. At Goizueta Business School, we have a focus on diversity programming and continually look to educate women on opportunities stemming from their business degrees.”

    The #GoizuetaENGAGE conference works directly with the school’s ongoing goals of taking ownership and action of gender equality, including

    • Bringing together business and educational leaders to increase dialogue.
    • Engaging companies with resources to secure a diverse workforce.
    • Empowering women with knowledge and confidence to advance their careers.
    • Creating environments that allow female students to thrive.
    • Offering new and thoughtful programming for female alumni.

    “One of our biggest strengths, however, is convening key stakeholders, experts and thought leaders for conversation,” James said. “How else can we normalize what it means to be a woman at work? I hope that today sparks conversation in your classes, board rooms and homes to find a way to tackle gender inequality together.”

    Focusing on gender inequality directly was keynote presenter, Andrew Davis 08WEMBA, global chief diversity & inclusion officer at The Coca-Cola Company.

    Davis walked attendees through the Coca-Cola journey with a focus on how the company approaches gender and diversity in its workforce.

    In the U.S., 40 percent of Coca-Cola’s bottlers are minority owned, according to Davis.

    “The nature of our business is what makes us diverse,” he said. “What I always love to say is that we better be diverse if we’re going to be playing in these markets.”

    While the diversity-inclusion strategy at Coca-Cola is not a one-man or one-woman job, Davis said it’s important to have someone in a point leadership position.

    “It’s not just a strategy job,” Davis said. “It’s a roll-up-your-sleeves, get-it-done job. It’s making sure these elements come to life, but it’s also partnering with all these stakeholders.”

    Women represent roughly 47 percent in the workplace, according to statistics from Davis. However, women control 70 percent of the buying power in their communities and homes, equating to 40 trillion dollars globally by 2018.

    “When you think about that, it’s a no-brainer,” he said. “If you don’t get that as a business leader, then something is wrong.”

    To cap off his presentation, Davis left attendees, specifically women, with a challenge moving forward.

    “I want you to raise your hand when you want that promotion and don’t wait to be 80 percent ready,” Davis said. “I want you to go back to the negotiation table and get the pay that you deserve. Try to blow some of this research away and focus on how you can change the game individually.”

    Other presenters included:

    Faculty Panels:
    Is Your Employee Homo Economicus or Abi Normal?: How to Encourage High Performing Employees
    Karen Sedatole, professor, accounting

    Standing Tall: The Role of Assertiveness at the Office
    Melissa Williams, associate professor, organization and management

    *Creative Collaboration: The Art of Teamwork
    Jill Perry-Smith, associate professor, organization and management

    *The Not-So Perfect Gift: Consumer Behavior in Gift-Giving
    Morgan Ward assistant professor, marketing

    Alumni Panels:
    Discovering Your Fit: How to Evaluate Your Career Options
    Kathleen Kuhnert Vieira 09FTMBA (moderator), JoAnn Lynen 02FTMBA, Katie Silverston 16EvMBA and Karen Wishart 03EMBA

    Finding Your Why: Identifying Your Career Passion
    Shelley Howell Megede 11EvMBA (moderator), Courtney Timmons 18EvMBA and Jazmyn Williams 16FTMBA

    *Owning Your Why: The Importance of Being Your Authentic Self
    Dolly Meese 05FTMBA (moderator), Jodi Evans 16EvMBA, Glenys Fernandez 13FTMBA and Tara Sconzo 14EvMBA

    *Making Your Mark: How Problem-Solving Differentiates You On the Job
    Lynne Segall 99FTMBA (moderator), Stephanie Espy 08FTMBA, Heidi Laki 16FTMBA and Amy Zehfuss-Loegel 99FTMBA

    Executive Education Workshop:
    Executive Presence
    Allison Gilmore, founder, DuMore Improv

    Luncheon Keynote Speaker and Panel:
    Directing Your Career Journey with Purpose
    Joann Lublin, author of Earning It; Abbey Kocan 09FTMBA, executive director, Kupona Foundation; Catie Morette 14BBA, consultant, Bain & Co; Rebecca Sandidge (moderator), chief of staff, Goizueta Business School

    *Final Keynote Presentation:
    The Importance of Allies: Why Male Advocacy Is Critical in the Battle for Equality
    Erika James and Scott Pioli, assistant general manager, Atlanta Falcons

    *Unable to present due to inclement weather